“When moving to 特拉华州 from France, and choosing a school for my children, 十大赌博正规老平台 was an easy decision because of the warm, welcoming feeling I received. I’ve never seen a better school than 十大赌博正规老平台. I wish we had a 十大赌博正规老平台 in Switzerland.” 


International Student Program 
Our International Student Program is a critical part of 十大赌博正规老平台's mission. Each year, we welcome a select group of new and returning 学生s into our 上学校 program. Our program is purposefully small to ensure a personal experience.
  • The best way for a family, 学生, 《十大赌博正规老平台》, or agent to initiate the 十大赌博正规老平台 admissions process is to complete an “inquiry” by 点击这里
  • The online inquiry form will allow you to schedule a campus visit or a virtual information session with the Director of Enrollment.
  • International Students seeking a 十大赌博正规老平台 high school diploma may apply for grades 9 or 10. International Students seeking a cultural immersion for one term only may apply for grades 9, 10, or 11.  To apply now, please 点击这里 or log into your SchoolAdmin profile to complete the online application. There is a non-refundable $50 application fee.
  • The applicant’s current school (or agency) must send the English and Math teacher recommendations, 成绩单, and standardized testing directly to 十大赌博正规老平台. (All materials must be translated into English)
  • Applicants to Grades 9 or 10 usually spend a full day visiting our 上学校. For 学生s who cannot travel to campus, a Zoom information session and interview will be arranged.
  • The admissions process for international applicants for Grades 9-10 includes an assessment of the 学生’s English proficiency as measured by the TOEFL (or SLEP) and academic achievement as measured by the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam), S坐, P坐, 坐, 或行为.  Test results should be uploaded to the parent portal and should be within the last 12 - 14 months.
  • The Enrollment Office confirms receipt of the application and all supplementary materials through email.
  • The Admission Committee reviews the application and makes an admission decision based on an applicant’s academic ability and 学生 record first and foremost.  As in the case of domestic applications, the Committee also considers the applicant’s ability to meet graduation requirements such as community service and athletic participation in two sports per year. An applicant’s engagement in the arts, other co-curricular activities, 学校的公民, and conduct are also significant factors in the admission decision.
  • If an applicant is accepted, a decision is communicated by email to the 学生 and family and to the agency if the 学生 is working through an agency.
  • The family will receive the acceptance letter and enrollment contract through email, and they must sign and submit a 10% enrollment deposit within two weeks of receipt.
  • The 学生’s agency will take the lead in identifying a host family and will share all relevant information with The 十大赌博正规老平台 Office of Enrollment. The host family will be included in all-school and 上学校 emails and communications.
  • 上学校 学费 2022-23: $32,680
    International Student Fee: $3,000 (diploma-seeking 学生s only)
  • If a 学生 enrolls, submits the required paperwork, and shows proof of funds to cover tuition and other fees, then 十大赌博正规老平台 creates the Form I-20 with the U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). 十大赌博正规老平台 then sends the Form I-20 to the 学生 and family so they can apply for an F-1 visa in their home country. The F-1 visa enables nonimmigrant 学生s to attend 十大赌博正规老平台学校. 
  • A 学生’s native country decides the 学生’s visa status. If awarded an F-1 visa by the consulate in their country, the 学生 then makes travel arrangements to arrive in 特拉华州 in time for their first required school activity (pre-season sports, 取向, 类, 等.).


十大赌博正规老平台学校 is an independent, 男女合校的, college preparatory day school for 学生s in PK3 through Grade 12 located in Wilmington, 特拉华州.